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     “We moved to Raleigh in the summer of 2001. Our oldest daughter was already taking piano lessons, and we wanted to continue that in our new home. Kimberly, our youngest, began taking lessons at the age of 6 at the same music studio. She had a wonderful teacher, and we were very pleased. A short time later, we transitioned Kimberly to a new teacher, Ms. Henry, due to a schedule conflict. The transition was extremely smooth and Kimberly did not miss a beat in her lessons. Ms. Henry is such a natural with children, going out of her way to make us feel very comfortable, especially Kimberly. She regularly consulted with us, ensuring we knew how Kimberly was progressing and whether there were any issues that she needed to address. Kimberly is still such a shy young lady, but she continues to let us know she enjoys lessons with Ms. Henry and looks forward to going each week.


Kimberly has been with Ms. Henry over 7 years, and we are extremely happy and wouldn't change a thing. Kerry has given us the peace of mind we need and has always been so flexible in supporting the challenges of balancing school, work and piano with us. She is dedicated and truly cares about her students. ”

--Shirley Bone

     “During her tenure as North Carolina Music Teachers Association President, Kerry Henry has been an exemplary leader. Under Kerry’s creative guidance, the Association has carried out its support of the professionalism of music teacher members through continuing education opportunities at the state conference and through state-sponsored piano contest literature workshops. She has also supervised the state and national North Carolina music student competitions, which provide performance enrichment experiences for students of the members. Kerry Henry has also been extremely active in the Raleigh Music Teachers Association, holding many offices and chairing various events. s. NCMTA is most fortunate to have leaders like Kerry Henry who are willing to volunteer valuable time and creative energy to advance the value of music study and music-making to the citizens of North Carolina.”


-- Paul Stewart,

National Immediate Past President

Music Teachers National Association

     “When we moved back to North Carolina after a three-year sabbatical leave in Japan, our first order of business was to find a good piano teacher for our daughter Kristie. We were delighted to find out that Kerry Henry was about to open a studio near to where we live. We have known Kerry for a number of years, and we also have known that she is a much sought-after piano teacher.


We immediately signed up Kristie to be taught by her. That was well over three years ago. Previously, Kristie took lessons in Japan, and although she liked playing piano, she hated having to practice on a regular basis. Now I have yet to hear her complain about having to practice every day (or almost). Kerry is a wonderful teacher. She sets down rules, but she does it in such a way that there is always a buy-in among her students, at least with our daughter. She is always so positive and immensely patient with her students. I can understand why Kristie is so attracted by her teaching style. Indeed, her piano practice and playing do not seem to be such a drag to her anymore. She plays, not just to finish an hour or so of practice, but also to enjoy the music. We attribute this to Kerry's effective teaching style. ”

-- Joe and Anh Chan





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